Lincoln Laboratory lends a 3-D-printed hand.

Cyborg beast, phoenix, claw — though these names appear fitting for superhero characters, they’re really names for devices that create individuals desire superheroes. These devices ar 3-D-printed hands that ar designed for those that live while not all or a part of their arms. The hands ar featured on a growing network referred to as […]

Getting a leg up on engineering.

Matthew Cavuto, currently a senior in MIT’s Department of engineering, began his career path partially as a results of a chat he detected in highschool by university faculty member Hugh man, a double unfortunate person UN agency works on rising prosthetic devices and systems to permit individuals with similar disabilities to regain the maximum amount […]

Computer system transcribes words users “speak silently”.

The system consists of a wearable device Associate in Nursingd an associated automatic data processing system. Electrodes within the device develop fiber bundle signals within the jaw and face that square measure triggered by internal verbalizations — locution words “in your head” — however square measure undetectable to the human eye. The signals square measure […]

Avoiding stumbles from spacewalks to sidewalks.

Video of astronauts tripping over moon rocks will create amusing web viewing, however falls in area will jeopardize astronauts’ missions and even their lives. progressing to one’s feet in an exceedingly large, controlled pressure suit will consume time and precious gas reserves, and falls increase the chance that the suit are cut. Most falls happen […]

Enhancing movement with computational models.

It’s not each day that graduate students get to check out their analysis on their advisors. however MIT’s David Hill, a Doctor of Philosophy student in media arts and sciences, builds process models of human locomotion, that square measure the idea for planning ever-better medical specialty — and his authority, Hugh Herr, Associate in Nursing […]

Artificial antimicrobial peptides could help overcome drug resistant bacteria.

During the past many years, several strains of microorganism became immune to existing antibiotics, and extremely few new medicine are additional to the antibiotic arsenal. To help combat this growing public unhealthiness, some scientists square measure exploring antimicrobial peptides — present peptides found in most organisms. Most of those aren’t powerful enough to repulse infections […]

Students build assertive technologies at MIT’s annual ATHack.

On Sat, March 3, the Beaver Works facility was alive with untiring university students collaborating with Boston-area voters with disabilities. Wood and metal components, PVC piping, laptops, pizza, and a bunch of gadgets were unfold round the rooms. The atmosphere was equal components boisterous and quietly contemplative. The participants had gathered for the helpful Technologies […]

A self driving wheelchair.

Singapore and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are at the forefront of autonomous vehicle development. First, there have been self-driving golf buggies. Then, AN autonomous machine. Now, leverage similar technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Singaporean researchers have developed and deployed a self-driving chair at a hospital. Spearheaded by Daniela Rus, the saint (1956) and Erna […]