Singapore and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are at the forefront of autonomous vehicle development. First, there have been self-driving golf buggies. Then, AN autonomous machine. Now, leverage similar technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Singaporean researchers have developed and deployed a self-driving chair at a hospital.
Spearheaded by Daniela Rus, the saint (1956) and Erna Viterbi academic of technology and engineering and director of MIT’s engineering and computer science Laboratory, this autonomous chair is AN extension of the self-driving scooter that launched at Massachusetts Institute of Technology last year — and it’s a testament to the success of the Singapore-MIT Alliance for analysis and Technology, or SMART, a collaboration between researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in Singapore.
Rus, WHO is additionally the scientist of the good Future Urban quality analysis cluster, says this newest innovation will facilitate nurses focus a lot of on patient care as they’ll get relief from supplying work which has finding out wheelchairs and wheeling patients within the advanced hospital network.
“When we tend to visited many retirement communities, we tend to accomplished that the standard of life depends on quality. we would like to create it very easy for individuals to maneuver around,” Rus says.

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